Travel flag football

Updated Tuesday March 27, 2018 by Alfredo Nevarez.

New Milford Travel Flag Football 

   We are excited to announce that we will be offering a travel flag football program in the Spring. We are currently looking for coaches for the 3/4 Grade, 5/6 Grade and 7/8 Grade levels. In the event that we have more than one inquiry for a specific level we will choose the best fit for your kids. All Coaches will be asked to join us as we evaluate the kids. Rosters will be set at 8 players per team. And YES we can make more than one team per level. Again this is a Travel Program, so if your player is involved in another sport THIS MAY NOT BE FOR THEM. We need 100% commitment. Teams are competitive and we want to make sure we measure up to the competition.
Included in registration for Travel:
1) Introductory price is ONLY $65!!
2) NFL PLAY60 Jersey
3) Flags
4) Team ball
5) Shorts
6) Socks
7) One practice a week
8) 2 to 3 games per scheduled game day
9) Super Bowl for the travel program will take place in new Milford.
Come on out and represent your town!!!!!