Fall Tackle Football

Updated Monday February 26, 2018 by Alfredo Nevarez.

We are one in Youth Tackle Football!!!.
    Now that the town is ONE, We are encouraging all families to register with the New Milford Bulls as soon as possible. The initial payment is $65.00. That will get your player registered and you can start the payment plan that is setup in the registration system if needed. There is also an early registration discount of $25.00 which will end on March, 25th and a $25.00 additional discount for multi kids in a family. If there are financial issues, No Worries you have help. First please fill out the MVP SOS form. Secondly we have the commitment of the Bulls to working with families with payment plans outside of what is setup in their registration system, and Green Wave Youth Football will be helping children with financials as well. Together we will make sure every child can play and as always it will be completely confidential. If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Alfredo Nevarez (Green Wave Youth Football President) greenwavepresident@gmail.com 


Peter Wilkin (Bulls President) petermwilkin@gmail.com

Registration: newmilfordbulls.org

Any coaches on all levels interested in Coaching or helping on the field this is the contact: 

Don Stedman, Bulls Football Commissioner fbcommissioner@newmilfordbulls.org


Special thanks to Mayor Pete Bass, Coach Larry Badaracco for all your time meeting with us and instilling the importance of this merger as well as the countless hours. Lance Brevard for all you’ve done and putting the kids first.

Please do not hesitate to asking questions.
Thank You once again for all you've done. 

Hope to seeing you all on the Field.