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Updated Sunday April 22, 2018 by Alfredo Nevarez.


• Cost = $100.00

• NFL reversible Jersey

• Custom name printed on jersey

• Combine/evaluations

• Kickoff to allow Players, Coaches and Referees to get aquatinted.

• One practice a week and one game a week.

• Medals for all players and additional medals for SuperBowl winners

• Coaches that win Super Bowls receive a Trophy 

• 6 weeks of regular seaon play

• Playoff for teams that qualify

All you need is a mouth guard and Football cleats. 

Any additional questions or help signing up please contact a Board member. 




Extreme Flag 2018

Welcome to Extreme Flag Football. Helmets and shoulder pads for safety. The same great game as our Spring Flag Football, with a bit of contact. NO tackling. Down field blocking and linemen can rush at anytime after the snap. Receivers can create separation for the pass. Players can play up if they choose to. This

We have been in touch with other towns in hopes to have a game or two with them. This may or may not workout, but we are working hard to getting a bit more competitive playing field for our kids.

If we do not have enough registrations we will contact all and refund your money 100%.

Travel team 2018

Registration is closed

Travel flag will be created for the more competitive player. We will be traveling to towns such as New Canaan and Danbury. It will be a 6 week regular season play with championships on the 6th week (may change depending on programs committed. In the event that we have more than one inquiry for a specific level we will choose the best fit for your kids. All Coaches will be asked to join us as we evaluate the kids. Rosters will be set at 8 players per team. And Yes we can make more than one team per level. Again this is a travel Program, so if your player is involved in another sport THIS MAY NOT BE FOR THEM For we need 100% commitments. Teams are competitive and we want to make sure we measure up to the competition.

NFL PLAY60 Flag Football 2018

Registration is closed

"Competitive Fun, For Everyone". New Milford Youth Flag Football will provide players with a fun and exciting opportunity to engage in non-contact, continuous action while learning lessons in teamwork.

The program is designed to educate young people about football while emphasizing participation and sportsmanship. Players will learn skills and lessons that will help them succeed both on and off the field.

Season is six weeks with six regular season game schedule. Playoffs and Championship game week seven and eight. All practices and game location TBD. All players receive medals and team championship trophies.

In order to keep games competitive we have decided to continue an NFL Combine type evaluation session prior to the season to assign players to teams. Players will be evaluated and scored. Team Coaches will be allowed to roster 5 or less friends on a 10 player roster. Evaluated players will then be assigned to a team to complete the other 5 spots on each roster. Players that do not attend the evaluation process will be scored at a 5 out of 5.
Combine date: March 24 at Faith Church New Milford. start times and age groups will be: ages 5-8 @ 12:00pm ages 9-11 @ 1:00pm and ages 12-14 @ 2:00pm.